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Apple Steel Rule Die is the largest manufacturer of specialty steel rule dies in North America. Our manufacturing craftsmen have more than three centuries of combined die-making experience. This experience enables Apple Steel Rule Die to manufacture dies of all complexities from 7 mm, 1.5 point rule to 4″ high rule. We also excel at making dies using 6 point rule.

Apple uses several types of die base material including wood, rayform, acrylic, lexan, and aluminum.

The die-making process starts with our exceptional design team. The next step incorporates our many lasers to cut the design into whatever base material is chosen. After the laser process, our skilled die makers assemble each die with the aid of our state-of-the-art bending machines but still insert the steel rule into the die base manually. The final step in the process is to apply ejection rubber when requested and then prepare the die for shipping.

Apple is also the largest manufacturer of medical application dies in the U.S. Our medical dies use only FDA-approved materials that are applicable for both clean room and non-clean room operation.

Steel rule dies are used to cut thousands of substrates including, but not limited to, rubber, plastic, foam, paper, and cardboard.

Other services we supply include 1-2 day turnaround (depending upon complexity) for all dies. Many dies are also shipped the same day the order is received. We can reverse engineer your parts if you have no print our file. We offer complete inspection reports. We are also ISO compliant.

Below is just a short list of the industries that we serve:

Printing and graphics, converting and packaging, thermoforming, gaskets, automotive, medical, flexible circuit rubber and foam.

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Steel Rule Die

Over three centuries of excellent die-making craftsmanship.

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Steel Rule Die

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