Apple Bites: Die Cutting, Die Scoring, Kiss Cutting

January 20th, 2021

Q: What is Die Cutting?

A: Die Cutting is the process by which a steel rule die (made out of sharpened steel) is used to cut irregular shapes out of various materials. Examples include gaskets, POP, cartons, electronics, leather, plastics and more.

Q: What is Die Scoring?

A: Die Scoring is used to create an impression in a material where a fold is needed. Scoring also ensures the material folds cleanly and accurately. Crease Score creates an impression by crushing the material. Cut Score creates the impression by partially cutting the material (thicker materials) to accomplish a clean fold.

Q: What is Kiss Cutting?

A: A Kiss Cut goes just deep enough to cut the top surface, leaving the backer intact. Kiss Cutting is used so the end-user can remove the part from the main carrier. Kiss Cutting is used for products like sticker sheets, pull back reveals, pull tabs, etc.

Die Cutting

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