Apple Bites: Gasket Dies

August 14th, 2020

Q: Why gasket dies from Apple?

A: Apple is the largest manufacturer of gasket dies in North America, as such, we have decades of experience in crafting gasket dies. We utilize a vast database of materials to ensure that our dies are made to maximize both your output and to live up to the highest quality standard.

There is no need for you to labor over specifications. Let our 35 years of experience be your guide. Just a few of the added features we provide:

  • We can produce gasket dies with welded and/or brazed joints.
  • Rule heights from .937 to 4” with a wide variety of die bases.
  • When steel rule dies will not or cannot achieve your needs, we manufacture machined dies.
  • We have a state of the art inspection process to ensure that all dies meet or exceed our highest standards.
  • With almost all of our dies shipping the same day or next day, you will receive your dies on time, every time.

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